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Pre-K: $250 -- 2nd and 4th Sundays (9-11:30am); Kinder, 1st, 2nd: $600 -- Sundays (9 am-12:30pm); Grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7: $800 -- Sundays (9am-12:30pm) and Tuesdays (4:30-6:30pm); Grades 8: $500 -- Sundays (9-10:30am); Grade 9 &10: $500 -- Sundays (11am--12:30pm); Grade 11-12: $250 -- Sundays (11:30am--12:30pm) Led by Rabbi Blumofe; Grades 6-7 (AJA Student option): $250 – Sundays (11am--12:30pm) Electives only.
Throughout the school year, children take part in various field trips that complement their classroom learning experiences. Field trips in the immediate neighborhood sometimes take place on foot. At other times children are transported by bus, or private vehicle. In addition to this general permission slip, specific advance notice of each field trip, indicating the date, destination, and specific transportation requirements will be sent home. We hereby give permission for our child to accompany his/her class on supervised field trips during the school year, in accordance with the procedures set forth above. Please select either “yes” to allow your child(ren) permission to attend field trips or “no” to not allow your child(ren) permission to attend field trips.
CAARS often uses images of students (with and without names) in synagogue and local newsletter communications, either in print or on the internet. If you do not want your child(ren)'s image to be disseminated, please indicate so below. CAARS will by default assume that it has permission to use your child(ren)'s image unless it receives your express request otherwise.
Parents and Students should read and discuss together-- CAARS expects students and teachers to maintain a high level of mutual respect and to act according to Jewish values. All students who attend CAARS should understand and agree to the following expectations: 1. I will attend classes with an attitude of respect towards myself, my peers and the faculty of CAARS. 2. I understand that if I am unable to behave in an orderly and respectful manner, the following steps will be taken: a. I will first be asked to leave the classroom to cool off or calm down in the hallway directly outside the classroom door. After no more than 10 minutes I will re-enter the classroom. b. If I still cannot control my behavior I will be sent to the Education Director’s office where I will complete an assignment on Respect. c. If sent to the Education Director’s office a second time, my parents will be called in for a conference with the teacher, the Education Director and me. 3. I will attend classes prepared to learn, arriving on time and maintaining regular attendance. 4. I will respect the rules and property of the facility in which I attend classes and will not disturb property belonging to other students sharing my classroom. 5. I will not leave the CAA/CAARS property between or during classes without written permission from my parents and notification of the Education Director or Education Assistant.
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