Experience Shabbat

Shabbat Services Schedule

Friday Evening:

  • Services are held in the chapel at 7:00 p.m. each week during daylight savings time, and at 6:00 p.m. each week during standard time. 
  • Following services and a small oneg.
  • Once a quarter there is a 7:00 p.m. “Pray and Stay Late” service and oneg sponsored by Hazak.

Saturday Morning:

  • 8:30 a.m. - P’seukei d’Zimrah - psalms and meditation in the chapel
  • 8:45 a.m. - Shabbat Limmud - weekly Torah Study in the chapel. “Limmud” means study; Shabbat Limmud explores Judaism's traditions, celebrations, and observances as they apply to the weekly Torah portion. Rabbi Blumofe leads everyone in an informal, thought provoking and stimulating discussion. No knowledge of Hebrew is required and everyone is welcome.
  • 9:45 a.m. – Shacharit, Torah service, and Musaf are held in the sanctuary. See information below about other services for families of all ages.
  • Approximately 12 noon - Following services everyone is invited to a Kiddush luncheon in our social hall. Come sing with us afterwards and learn Birkat haMazon, the grace after meals or “bensching”.

Other Shabbat Morning Services (followed by community luncheon in the Social Hall): Tot Shabbat in the History Room at 11:15 a.m. the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month with Ms. Carol and Rabbi Swedroe – includes singing, dancing, praying, and playing.

Shalom Minyan

Shalom Minyan is an age-appropriate, fun Shabbat experience for K-6th graders, utilizing a variety of activities and teaching modalities.

10:50 a.m. - Nosh!
11 a.m. - Shabbat Experience
12 p.m. – Join sanctuary service to help lead concluding prayers

  • Grades K-3 in room 145 –A fun and exciting Shabbat morning! We will do fun activities based on the Torah Portion, sing prayers and songs together in ways that connect them to our lives, and enjoy sharing Shabbat morning with each other. 
  • Grades 4-6 in room 147 – Each week will make a new prayer and the weekly portion relevant to our lives today! Reviewing the themes of the Shabbat morning service over the course of the year through games, activities and discussions will add new meaning to our tradition. Torah study, discussions and theatrical interpretation help the text come to life.

Kol Zimrah (The Voice of Music) is CAA’s Carlebach style, soulful and songful, lay-led minyan that meets in the chapel at 9:45 a.m. on the third Shabbat morning of each month where our motto is "If kids are too loud, sing louder." Everyone is welcome. For those with children in Tot Shabbat or Shalom Minyan which begin later in the morning, this could be a great first stop at Agudas on the 3rd week of the month. Find us on Facebook as Minyan Kol Zimrah. Click here (http://shtibl.com/audio/) to learn many of the melodies that we use in our service. Email Rabbi Swedroe (gail.swedroe@caa-austin.org) if you'd like to review any of the melodies.

"Please call Rabbi Blumofe's office at 735-8404  to request an aliyah for any simcha or life cycle event. You may also wish to review the blessings recited before and after a Torah reading.

The Shabbat Experience

Shabbat is a sacred time for the Jewish people, a respite from the demands, deadlines and distractions of a busy week. The period from Friday evening to Saturday night has been described as a sanctuary in time. It offers us a chance to reconnect with family and friends and rejuvenate ourselves spiritually.

This is especially true inside the synagogue, our sacred space, where we gather as a community to pray, deepen our relationships with one another and connect with God.

Cell Phones and Electronics
We ask that you respect the holiness of this day and space by refraining from using any electronics, including mobile devices and cameras, within the building during and after services. Cell phone conversations may be taken outside the building.

Congregation Agudas Achim has no formal dress code. Our community is strengthened by members whose preferences range from casual to formal. We welcome guests from different traditions and upbringings.

To honor our sacred space, however, we ask that that girls and women cover their shoulders and wear appropriately-length skirts or pants and that all boys and men cover their heads by wearing kippot. Everyone must cover his or her head on the bimah.

Families and children
The energy at Agudas Achim is built, in part, on the spirit and passions of our youngest members. We invite all children and families to join us for services — and to bring that liveliness with them.

Children who are not attending services or any of our youth programs are invited to the quiet room at the rear of the sanctuary. Parents should always know where their children are in order to ensure their safety.

Learn Shabbat Services & Torah Trope

Rabbi Neil Blumofe has made available recordings which may be played online or downloaded to your computer. Learn the Shabbat torah trope or the Shabbat services, including Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Havdallah, and Saturday evening, from our Online Learning Page.

Shabbat Services Committee
The goals of the Shabbat Services Committee are to:

  • Attract additional people to Shabbat services
  • Explore how we can bring greater spirituality for all who attend – how we can draw nearer to God and each other – during Shabbat
  • Intensify the involvement of individuals so that they will feel part of the community

Initiatives have included giving congregants the opportunity to share their ideas on strengthening their personal and communal experience of Judaism at Agudas Achim in a variety of formats; D’var & More, an informal discussion held after services each Saturday to reflect on the weekly Torah portion or other topic of Jewish interest; and D’varim Min ha Lev, including inspirational and/or thought-provoking passages on Jewish topics in the Shabbat program. Currently Rabbi Blumofe leads 30 to 40 participants in Shabbat Limmud, the weekly Shabbat morning Torah study. This year the group has been studying Torah verse by verse and word by word beginning with Genesis including commentary by Rashi. Birkat haTzibur (Blessings of the Community) gives one congregant each week an opportunity to enrich our Shabbat morning worship experience by offering an original blessing. During Birkat haTefillah: The Meaning of Prayer, the Rabbi uses the time normally reserved for his D’var Torah to discuss and provide insight into some of our most important prayers, customs, rituals, and the special meaning of the service. This six session program takes place once a month on Shabbat.

The Shabbat Services Committee has also developed recommendations for making the service flow more smoothly, efficiently and with increased ruach (energy). Its aim is to continue our efforts to make Shabbat at CAA as inspiring, joyous, and welcoming for our community as possible. Committee members continue to deepen their knowledge and appreciation of the service. Rabbi Blumofe has led the committee in a Shabbat service workshop to help them increase their understanding of the service and Dr. Harvey Raben taught a class on the service at the group's request. We hope you will consider becoming part of this dynamic committee.

Shabbat Kiddush or Flower Sponsorships

What better way to honor or remember a loved one than with a Shabbat Kiddush luncheon or flower sponsorship? You can provide flowers for our Sanctuary for as little as $150. You can also sponsor, or co-sponsor, a Kiddush luncheon. Please contact The office at 512-735-8428 for more information and details.

Request an Aliyah

Please call the Rabbi’s office at 735-8404 to request an aliyah for any simcha or life cycle event.