The History Corner

In 2014, Congregation Agudas Achim will celebrate the 100thanniversary of its founding. This momentous event gives us an opportunity to pause and to remember our history and those who shaped it. Knowing and understanding our past enriches our lives and helps us understand who we are now. Similarly, preserving current items of interest and importance provides history for our children and grandchildren and for others who come after us.

In recognition of this, and in honor of our 100th anniversary, the Board of Directors has established the “CAA History Project.” The history program is chaired by Marshall Sack with the help of Sandy Sack and Cynthia Winer.

The goals of the project are:

  • Identify and inventory holdings of historical material;
  • Contact individual members of the congregation and members of the general community to determine if they have items relating to CAA history that they would be willing to share or allow CAA to copy;
  • Catalog, archive, preserve and securely store these materials;
  • Audio and video-record current CAA members who have stories to tell that are interesting and important;
  • Determine what records of current and future CAA activities should be preserved;
  • Determine the best ways that our historical material can be used and displayed.

Join us in this ambitious project. If the idea of capturing the history of a dynamic congregation excites you, or if you are have experience in research, archiving recording, or displaying historical material, please join us.

Click here for stories of the history of CAA.

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“Many of us feel the loss of beloved members of our community who are no longer with us. Preserving their memories is an important Jewish value. The History Project is our way of doing this.” - Marshall Sack, History Project Chair