Thank you for contributing to Congregation Agudas Achim. Contributions comprise about 30 percent of our budget and are critical to the success of our efforts. It is a time-honored Jewish tradition to make a donation to the congregation in honor or in memory of a loved one or to express gratitude for any event. Click on one of the pictures to find the appropriate fund or scroll down for more information.

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High Holy Day Prayer Book:Join the Centennial Party with a beautiful, new High Holy Days prayer book, Mahzor Lev Shalem.

Prayer Book Fund: Acquire prayer books for use in the chapel, sanctuary and classes. Books can be dedicated to specific individuals or specific occasions, please contact the office for pricing.

Torah and Ritual Fund: Used to purchase or repair CAA Torahs or ritual items such as Kiddush cups, Havdalah sets, etc.

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Anne and Sol Ginsburg Adult Education Fund: Supports adult education programs including guest speakers, materials and administrative functions.

USY Fund: Provides for USY programming and scholarships to enable members to attend out of town conventions. May also be used to pay USY dues on behalf of needy students.

Kadima Fund :Provides for Kadima programming and scholarships to enable members to attend out of town conventions. May also be used to pay Kadima dues on behalf of needy students.

Novy/Zachary Smith Scholarship Fund: Used to provide scholarships for Religious School students whose families are unable to pay tuition.

Joshua Panzer Tot Shabbat Fund: Founded in memory of the son of Miriam and Ira Panzer, it is used for supplies for programs like Tot Shabbat.

Ruth Rothstein Religious School Staff Development Fund: Founded in memory of the mother of Janet Forman, it is used to provide training for Religious School teachers.

CAARS Simcha Book Fund: Books for the CAARS Library.  Parents purchase books in honor of their children.

Manny Seiden B'nai Mitzvah Fund: Used to assist students with the expense of B'nai Mitzvah tutoring, and to provide books and teaching tools for the B'nai Mitzvah program.

Parent Teacher Org (PTO) Fund: CAARS Educational Enrichment.

USY Fund - Tikkun Olam: Internal fund used for USY contributions to the Region.

CAARS Tzedakah Fund: Provides additional funds to those collected to classes.

Shoshana Weintraub Jewish Youth Fund: Provides funds that will benefit CAARS and other important youth and youth programming needs. All funds will be submitted to the Austin Community Foundation Fund under the same name.

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Choir Fund: Help support CAA Choir activities.

Social Action Fund: Social service projects within the Jewish community (not specifically for CAA members) as well as non-Jewish causes within the larger Austin community.

Yad Ezra Fund: Care and support for members of CAA in need – primarily rides to
synagogue, meals and visitation in times of need including illness or death, and other social action causes to support CAA members.

Tzedakah Fund: Provides funds the Rabbi can disburse to needy individuals and to general social action in the community.

Brotherhood Fund: Supports Brotherhood activities and programs.

Hazak Fund: Supports Hazak  activities and programs.

Sisterhood General Account Fund: Supports Sisterhood activities and programs.

Sisterhood Gift Shop Fund: Provides support for inventory and expenses to run the gift shop.

Sisterhood Sunshine: Kitchen Supplies and Equipment.

Kiddush/Minyan Fund: Provides Kiddush luncheons and Minyan noshes for the congregation.

Selah: For support of activities of SELAH (South Austin Community Outreach activities). For more information about Selah, click here.

Nachat: For support of activities of NACHAT (North Austin Community Outreach activities)

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Cemetery Fund: Used for the repair and maintenance of the cemetery.

Aytz Chaim Endowment Trust: For more information about Aytz Chaim. Click here to open the Grant Application Form.

Claudia Winer Mikveh Endowment Fund: Used for the ongoing maintenance of the community mikveh. Click here for more information about the mikveh.

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Mikveh Fund: Used for the building and maintenance of the CAA Mikveh. Click Here to contribute.

"My Chai" Program Fund: donate to the synagogue at a minimal level that honors everyone. To join monthly, click here. To pay in full, click here.

Technology Fund: Provides for advanced Internet and computer capability for office staff.

Kitchen Fund: Provides for repairs and acquisition of major kitchen equipment or maintenance.

Sh'ma Project Garden: The Sh'ma project develops the Sid and Naomi Worob Meditative Garden outside the eastern wall of the sanctuary.

Stan Friedman Fund: Honors the horticultural work of Stan Friedman and provides materials to improve our grounds.

CAA History Project: Provides funds to archive, preserve and exhibit historical materials about the congregation. For more information about the History Project, click here.

President’s Discretionary Fund: Used at the Congregational President’s discretion, with Board oversight, for non-routine expenses outside of budget.

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund: Used for charitable, community or synagogue purposes at the discretion of the Rabbi.

Assistant Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund: Used for charitable, community or synagogue purposes at the discretion of the Assistant Rabbi.

Tree of Life and Yahrzeit Plaques

I would like to purchase a Plaque in honor of a loved one.

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CAA Synagogue General Fund: Supports the general operations of CAA including payroll, building and grounds maintenance, supplies and kitchen operation.

Burn the Mortgage/Foundation: Help us to pay down the construction debt on our sacred address. Building a foundation for our future.

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Thank you for your continued support!