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Building a Jewish Library

  • Liturgy
    • Siddur Sim Shalom, Rabbi Jules Harlow (ed). Rabbinical Assembly of the United Synagogues of America (Available at the CAA Gift Shop)
    • Or Hadash: A Commentary on Siddur Sim Shalom. Reuven Hammer (ed). Rabbinical Assembly, 2003.
    • Etz Hayim: Torah and Commentary (Standard Edition), David L. Lieber (Editor), ISBN:  0827607121, Jewish Publication Society - September 2001
    • JPS Hebrew-English TANAKH, Standard Edition, The Jewish Publication Society Staff (Editor), ISBN: 0827606567, Jewish Publication Society - July 1999

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  • Living Judaism Book List
    • How to Keep Kosher:  A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Jewish Dietary Laws. Lisë Stern
    • The Book of Jewish Belief. Rabbi Louis Jacobs
    • The Book of Jewish Practice. Rabbi Louis Jacobs
    • It’s A Mitzvah: Step-by-Step to Jewish Living. Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson    
    • Jewish Literacy (Revised Edition). Rabbi Joseph Telushkin
    • B’Kol Echad – USCJ  (    ($2.50 – USCJ)
    • The Sabbath. Abraham Joshua Heschel
    • Honey From the Rock: An Introduction to Jewish Mysticism. Lawrence Kushner

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  • Humor and Folklore
    • The Legends of the Jews, Louis Ginzberg, ISBN: 0827603428, Jewish Publication Society of America - 01 June, 1956 (*This book is part one in a series)
    • The Lost Princess and Other Kabbalistic Tales of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, Aryeh Kaplan (Translator) Nahman Chaim Kramer (Introduction), ISBN: 1580232175, Jewish Lights Publishing - November 2004

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  • Parenting
    • Parenting as a Spiritual Journey: Deepening Ordinary and Extraordinary Events into Sacred Occasions, Nancy Fuchs, ISBN: 1580230164, Jewish Lights Publishing - July 1998
    • Becoming a Jewish Parent: How to Explore Spirituality and Tradition with Your Children, Daniel Gordis, ISBN: 0609805266, Crown Publishing Group - November 2000
    • Day Apart: Shabbat at Home, Noam Zion Shawn Fields-Meyer, ISBN:  0966474058, Shalom Hartman Institute - January 2004
    • Blessing of a Skinned Knee: Using Jewish Teachings to Raise Self Reliant Children, Wendy Mogel, ISBN: 0142196002, Penguin - October 2001
    • When Your Jewish Child Asks Why: Answers for Tough Questions, Kerry M. Olitzky, ISBN: 0881254517, Ktav Publishing House, Incorporated - August 1993

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  • Philosophy
    • I And Thou, Martin Buber, ISBN: 0684717255, Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group - May 1976
    • God in Search of Man: A Philosophy of Judaism, Abraham Joshua Joseph Heschel, ISBN:  0374513317, Farrar, Straus and Giroux - February 1976

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High Holy Days

The following books may be of great spiritual depth, and possible guides through this season.

  • Days of Awe, Agnon, the Israeli Nobel Laureate.  It is a stunning collection of wisdom on the themes of Repentance and Turning culled from every period of Jewish learning.
  • Entering the High Holydays, Rabbi Dr. Reuven Hammer (Jewish Publication Society).  A guide to the services and themes of the High Holydays by the past president of the (Conservative) Rabbinical Assembly and a professor at the Schecter Institute in Jerusalem.
  • 60 Days,  Rabbi Simon Jacobson.  A spiritual guide to each of the 60 days between Shavuot and Sukkot. Provides a great gift of combining insight from the kabbalistic and Hassidic traditions with an understanding of the spiritual quest of modernity
  • This Is Real and You Are Completely Unprepared, Rabbi Alan Lew, published by Time Warner.  An eclectic but profound approach to the themes of repentance, turning and prayer.

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