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What is HAZAK?

Our program for persons 55 and over provides social, educational and spiritual opportunities that are in addition to the varied activities available to CAA members. Our activities are varied as we try to identify ways to enrich the lives of our older CAA members.

Events that we program annually include
•    Participation in the Kosher Chili Cook-off
•    Latkes and Vodkas Hanukkah party
•    Pray and Stay - Friday night services, speaker and an Oneg.
•    CAA History Project - Includes stories from our veterans

Kinds of activities we sponsor include:
•    Field trips -  To museums, historic places, and other points of interest
•    Speakers - Including our rabbis and other educational talks
•    Musical events - Including Rabbi Blumofe's jazz history talks at the Cactus Cafe
•    Dinner, movies and dancing
•    "Meet-up" opportunities for people who are looking for like-minded souls to get  together around favored activities.

Initiation into Hazak requires that you have lived 55 years or be living with a spouse who has attained that grand age. Annual dues are $19. Submit payment to Jerry Becker, Administrator. Indicate that it is for Hazak annual dues.

For more information contact: Earle Sherrod at esherrod0975@gmail.com.
To add a Meet-up opportunity, contact Jerry Nehman at gnehman@gmail.com

Hazak Membership Dues

It’s time to pay your 2013-2014 Hazak dues. So here’s the deal. If you pay your 2013-2014 dues, of only $19/person, this month, we will waive any past due dues amount.  We have an exciting series of events coming up and we don't want you to be left out. Please send your check made out to HAZAK to Judy Gedalia 4806 Rutherglen Drive, Austin 75749.

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2013-2014 Hazak Steering Committee Officers

President: Earle Sherrod, esherrod0975@gmail.com
Secretary: Miriam Sherrod, cmsherrod@austin.rr.com
Treasurer: Judy Gedalia, gedalijudy@yahoo.com